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    Esplender Tuskegee Airman [my gynecological profit-maximising katar]
    Any niggas work with Blender? I decided to give it another shot this year after hearing that it's become a bit more intuitive than it used to be. I even made a few simple models just to get some familiarity. Of course I still have a lot to learn about the program. For those who don't know - Blender is absolutely free and you don't need to register to get it or any BS like that.

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    Wariat Black Hole
    yes Im expert in it. ask hiki.
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    POLECAT POLECAT is a motherfucking ferret [my presentably immunised ammonification]
    TRUMP FOR KING,, long live the king!
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    cigreting Space Nigga
    ya i liek 2 mak shakes in et
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