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"This is so simple" "I could do this" "this isn't talented"

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    Japan-Is-Eternal Naturally Camouflaged
    It seems as though the majority of this forum are stuck on the pop paradigm.
    You people have this warped view of what music is that has been instilled in you by society.
    What you need to understand is that music is about sound constructions.
    Creativity is all that is important.

    Furthermore when you people hear a song you assume is simple, the irony is that it's the opposite.
    You people have no understanding of timbre, texture and atmosphere.
    Your brains are wired to hear music a certain way, making you unable to discern the intricate subtleties of an experimental song such as video related

    You all need to level the fuck up.
    It's depressing seeing a bunch of adults listening to such banal tripe.
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    I could work for fireart studios fuys! Just like Anna spyzys in coding bootcamp you don't need talent to make good art just hard work
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