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Net labels

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    Japan-Is-Eternal Naturally Camouflaged
    What net labels do you idiots follow?

    I really like altema records and maltine records.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I haven't really followed labels in general since Cold Meat and some others shut down

    Bugs Crawling Out of People was good but they haven't released much of anything these last few years

    aufnahme + wiedergabe has some good stuff but is pretty hit and miss
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    rei4jie Yung Blood
    Music should only have genre for the record stores.

    the label regarding who they carry on vinyl in the old days were few to chose from. which allowed these record companies to jedi the rock musicians out of much money the record companies would collect.

    However the so called "jedi" labels did take a chance in pressing shitloads of records and marketing them not knowing if a new sound was going to bring in the bread.

    now with so many micro studios popping up it's a lot easier to negotiate percentages. also percentages on the front end {gross} and not the back (net). 2 points net is pretty bad. Also to negotiate tour and resort fees. you dont want to use your money to pay for touring and staying in hotels. especially fancy ones.

    do you aspire to live in a spire, JAPPO?
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Naturally Camouflaged
    Eh you guys don't seem to understand what a net label is.

    These are "labels" where independent musicians release their music for free.
    It's a good way for small musicians to gain exposure.

    Here are some of my favorite net labels

    Aldra you'll probably enjoy abstract reflections it seems like the kind of stuff that would resonate with you.
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