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Until Dawn

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    Michael Myers Insurgent [divide your nonresilient tucker]
    So it's a pretty old game by now - relatively speaking, anyway - but I started playing it earlier this year and I haven't gotten around to finish it due to unseen circumstances, but I think I'm around Chapter 7. I'm close to finishing it but I like the overall feel of the game and the atmosphere obviously. Any other games like this? Modern-day horror games most likely lack the atmosphere the older games used to have; games like Silent Hill.... right now all we get - just like the movies - are jump scares, no atmosphere whatsoever..... unless I'm wrong. I don't really play videogames... after all, last time I played Until Dawn was literally months ago.
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    Grylls Cum Looking Faggot [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    I have the resident evil remakes but never heard of this, I might give it a go
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    stl1 Naturally Camouflaged
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    AngryOnion Big Wig [the nightly self-effacing broadsheet]
    Originally posted by stl1

    LOL I remember that show.
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    Xlite Tuskegee Airman
    Eh, it was okay. I couldn't get myself to replay it for a different ending though.
    I can recommend a few horror games though.

    Outlast 1/2
    Amnesia: dark decent. Also a machine for pigs. Both are kinda creepy.

    Maybe the evil within, its not as much a horror as it is a mind fuck but hey, it works. Kinda.
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