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    Qhost Houston [defy my laboured wrester]
    Looks like I've committed to throwing way another few weeks of my life on another run.

    The current factory is about 50 joint man hours between me and a few friends, plus 10 hours I've put in by myself.

    We are playing on a deathworld with a full bobs mods set, including some quality of life extras.

    In the following images you can see the three major expansions the base has undertaken. In the center is the bootstrap starter base, and in the large space on the right is the start of a proper factory with a mainbus.

    The factory is well defended with reinforced walls, repair turrets and sniper turrets 2 or 3 deep:

    This save is a full bobs run so there are many variations of biters plus giant -> titan -> leviathan biters. Evolution is a 88% so we only have a few more hours until leviathans start spawning. I am unsure if we can withstand the assault if they attack on mass.

    We are attempting to launch a rocket without using laser turrets.

    We are using a logistic train network to on-demand get resources from our mining outpost and unload them at the top of the new base:

    The trained in resources are smelted immediately with this large array. We have many more types to bring in and space to fill. Currently we are smelting (left to right) Steel, Iron, Copper, Stone, Tin and Lead. Bronze is being done on the main bus.

    Here is the start of the main bus, you can see the smelted plates coming down from the furnaces above.

    On the left we have some greenhouses making some much needed wood for the base.

    Factorio is a good game. Who else plays?
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