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Anyone like beruit?

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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    I just found out about them last night their indie rock I guess to put it simply but its really catchy, It was kinda weird someone played them on jump chat right after I found out about them.

    It's kinda like the growlers/the dig but not as boring.

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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
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    CASPER Soldier of Fourchin
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    Speedy Parker Dark Matter
    Leave Austin.
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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    I dont give 2 shits about Beruit.
    Not my fault their bomb exploded.
    They did that.
    You dont store a bomb and come complain to me when it blows up your house.
    My white male ass didnt do that.
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Naturally Camouflaged
    OP do you listen to anything that isn't normie trash?
    You're such a tacky plebeian.
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