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Guess what my mom made me for breakfaat

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    She made you into a better person
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Solstice African Astronaut
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    Speedy Parker Dark Matter
    A half black baby step brother.
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    stl1 Space Nigga
    It's all OK as long as she didn't make you late for breakfast.
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    She made me a better person for breakfast again
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    I have to come eat breakfast at your house some day. I never eat it myself because in the mornings I am so tired it would be more like breakslow
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    Yeah basically, I'm not a real fast eater because I like to chew my food before I swallow it.

    Just pulverose the food in my mouf and feel the texture.xhange and eet the flavors up.

    I really would like to buy a King Air , I could just easily make day trips pretty much anywhere in the country. There's a really good cafe I like about 1600 miles away by road they gave the best steak ranchero .I would just get up early and put my small hat on and get a thermos of coffee and fly there in my turboprop.

    But yeah in the meantime you could probably come have breakfast with me my mom and dad. If I have company I'm pretty sure she would go all out on the fixins and make us both into better people
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    stl1 Space Nigga
    Did she make you Mickey Mouse pancakes out of batter?
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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    nah, not a bad guess tho. want to keep guissing? also did you ever answer my question about cooling an overheated compressor off?
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    stl1 Space Nigga
    I don't remember that question, but...

    a compressor has two sets of windings, a run and a start winding and uses a run capacitor to keep the start winding in the circuit. There is also an internal thermal disc that connects to the common leg of those windings that cuts both windings out in an overheat situation. Standard configuration is common terminal on top with start on left and run on right. An overheat will ohm out as open from common to both start or run but show continuity from start to run.

    The fastest way to cool down an overheated compressor is to run water over it (PULL DISCONNECT BEFORE DOING/CHECKING OUT ANY OF THIS). It may take an hour or more depending on how many times it has cycled on the thermal disc. I keep my meter on ohms on the common terminal to either the start or run terminal (with wires disconnected) and wait until the meter shows continuity. Reconnect wires (with cap) and compressor should attempt to start.

    The problem is why it overheated in the first place. It may be low on freon or have a bad run capacitor or bad condensor fan motor. If you don't fix the underlying cause, the overheating will reoccur and possibly cause permanent damage.

    A simpler thing to do is to just pull the disconnect and wait until it cools down or just running water over the compressor for an hour before retrying.

    Good luck!
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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Thanks , my concern was that maybe putting a big hose stream of cold water could cool it off too rapidly and make something crack or distort inside. Probably over-thinking it cause someone told me if you try to cool off an overheated engine with a garden-hose you can crack the block.

    It was a few weeks ago, I ent up cooling it off with the hose and spraying the condensor coils down to knock dust off. I didn't consider it particularly dirty in the first place, it had already been hosed off at the beginning of the season. It overheated again a few days later and I cleaned the shit out of the condensor coil with soapy water and it's ran reliably since. It just didn't really seem that dirty though.

    I was gonna hook a gauge set up but it's been doing it's thing. I think since I don't know what I'm doing I might just leave well enough alone. Picturing disturbing the old gauge connections on the unit and then they will leak on me or somthin.
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    stl1 Space Nigga
    When cleaning condensor coils, I start with a strong stream and start at an angle pointing down to rinse everything down over the entire coil. I then adjust the stream a little fuller/wider to rinse straight through the coils very slowly trying to spray between the imbedded copper tubing inside the coils to flush things through that are imbedded inside the coils. The cleaning process should take at least 10 minutes or more. You can hardly overdue this.

    Where do I send my tutoring bill, professor?
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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Okay, noted. Thanks for consulting with me. My parents said I can't give out are address anymore ever since the indcident. So I'll just have TJ send you the money, let me know where to send it. In my unscientific opinion it was approximately 10% soiled/obstructed with dust and cottonwood cotton-like substance. Do you think the chemical cleaners like the aerosol foams are good stuff or should I just clench my teeth and bear the pain of being a man and just use water
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