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Allah 2.0: The New Religion of the Information Age

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    ORACLE African Astronaut
    Allah 2 is the sequel to the previous bestseller Allah 1001: Arabian Nights and seeks to remove the rot of Judeo-Christian degradation and debasement from the truthful conceptions of divinity, tuned exclusively for Web 2.0 and the mobile generation.

    Allah 2 comes with a full software stack for all levels of reality and can be understood and operated simply with Fiqh 2 framework.

    Forget your old fashioned personalized gods, sign up to Allah 2 and understand the Ground of all Being!
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga
    OP is an ugly normie with horrible taste in anime
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    ORACLE African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal OP is an ugly normie with horrible taste in anime

    Penis nose ^
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    is there mod support so the 'community' can turn all of the characters into fursonas or shit anime characters
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    ORACLE African Astronaut
    Get it off the Tasleem Workshop
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    Cly African Astronaut [foredate your moneyless friar's-cowl]
    Oh right, he's a sand nigger, I forgot.
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    a few specific OS requirement :

    excessive insulators on your plugs must be removed before you plug them in.

    the scroll button on your mouse must also be surgically removed prior to installation.

    your required to let it play a specific multimedia a soecific times a day, all while its monitors are facimg a very specific coordinate whike doing so.
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