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Gotta apologize and this is just some sick shit

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    Dregs African Astronaut [that freakishly double-edged allmouth]
    Been drunk for hours...watching the movies I posted about in the Horror thread. I was just so into this one horror in my own lil world and slowly dosing off..still hearing my pussy from afar looking for all kinds attention and love like they all do. I seemed fine with this but as I passing out I suddenly heard my pussy cry and cry AND I JUST SNAPPED!! yelling at my pussy profusely and up in its face to SHUT THE FUCK UP!! my pussy ran like HELL totally afraid of me...and I was like WOW to myself...and felt so guilty.

    I just want to apologize to my pussy and all you pussy lovers. I am so so sorry I ever treated my pussy like this. I am deeply ashamed and trouble by my words and actions. I know you is like BLAH BLAH heard all before..Just Hang this nigger now

    I know Cnady, mmQ, and others have very cute pussies so this hits them hard and right in their hearts. I didn't mean to lash out...I don't have alcoholic rages often and never around pussies but i failed all y'alls and humanity.

    I just hope you take me seriously when I say I am sorry and I won't lash out at my pussy like that again. Oh if you must know my pussy is a senior too.. I know you wanna kill me now on that alone. I am seriously trying to make up with my pussy I am

    I know it'll take time for pussy lovers to forgive me but I am trying and I won't pussy hate anymore. My pussy can't stop crying....I wanna die right now.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    if you harm your pussy I'll harm your butthole
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