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How to make mathamphetamine from ephedra plants

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    I want to make a healthy methamphetamine extract from ephedra plants but how?
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    you have to acid base extract the ephedrine from the plants and you can use that to make meth. You will probably need a lot of plant material though, not sure the exact mg/kg ratio but it's probably easy to find that out
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    will sodium hydroxcide work?
    I have tons
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    That might be too strong of a base but I don't see why it wouldn't work if thats what used for sudafed. This says dilute ammonia and sodium carbonate


    by F.E.RYMILL AND C.A. MACDONALD, From Evans' Biological Institute, Runcorn Recieved 12th June, 1937 (From page 463)

    "...Shake frequently during five minutes 20 gm. in No. 40 powder with 200 mils of a mixture of 1 voluome of chloroform and 3 volumes of ether; add 10 mils of dilute solution of ammonia and 1 gm. of anhydrous sodium carbonate. Shake at frequent intervals for four hours and allow to stand overnight. Transfer to a percolator and continue the percolation, first with 100 mils of the ether-chloroform mixture, and then with ether, until the alkaloid is completely extracted; shake the combined percolates with successive portions of 40, 30, 20 and 20 mils of N/3 hydrochloric acid, to the combined and enhancemented acid extracts, add N/1 sodium hydroxide until the liquid is only slightly acid, then add 10 gm. anhydrous sodiumcarbonate and sufficient sodium chloride to saturate the liquid, and shake until dissolved. Extract the alkaline liquid with four successive portions of 60,50,50 and 30 mils of ether, and then with 25 mil portions of ether until the extraction of the alkaloid is complete (usually five shakings are sufficient). Allow the combined ether extracts to stand until clear, and decant through a enhancement; warm, warm, and pour off the ether from any crystals which may separate, evaporate to a volume of about 10 mils, and then allow the residual solvent to evaporate spontaneously. Dissolve the residue in an excess of N/10 sulphiric acid, add 20 mils of water, and titrate the excess acid with N/10 sodium hydroxide, using methyl red as indicator; each millilitre of N/10 sulphuric acid is equivalent to 0.01651 gm. of total alkaloids calculated as C10H15ON..."
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    They make ephedrine salt cubes you can buy at a feed store. Seems more feasible
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    Originally posted by Bill Krozby They make ephedrine salt cubes you can buy at a feed store. Seems more feasible

    That's an urban legend Douglas it makes more sense to use pills if you're gonna go that route
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    blaster master victim of incest
    looks like freebase E is soluable in non polar and polar solvents, so you gotta find something other than the traditional A/B xtraction.
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