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Should I ditch my only client?

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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    I make software for people. I have only one client. I mean they're not bad. But they're a bit dumb and don't pay that well. I feel like I am getting complacent working with a two bit operation for slightly below market rates instead of getting off my ass and getting new clients.

    I have enough cash savings to live off until next year, without touching retirement/investment money. Should I quit and try and get a better client? Or stick it out with these fags?
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    Octavian motherfucker

    Oh he left for good.
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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    Star Trek was always super pessimistic about this stuff. He thought it was crazy I quit my job and started being self-employed. But this isn't fucking silicon valley, or even seattle. I need to do my own thing to make decent money.
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    Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Maybe you should hire grunts to take care of that one client while you flirt with others.

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    It occirs to me . if by firing you're client you mean sleeping in all day ,doing drugs ,and gaming then yes Keenan
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    You should always be looking for better opportunities. Also you should start charging your client more.
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