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Conservative Cannabis

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    how long would this last you

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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Like 1 puff?
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    Originally posted by Obbe Like 1 puff?

    damn that would be painful
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    7 years and 8 fortnights
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    Solstice African Astronaut
    30 minutes
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    Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    I just wouldn’t bother.

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    Originally posted by Zanick I just wouldn’t bother.

    Why not
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    Esplender Tuskegee Airman [my gynecological profit-maximising katar]
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood how long would this last you

    I'd say about a week. Maybe even a few days more if I only smoked once a day. I am well versed in conservative smoking. I haven't smoked in months.
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