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What could happen next?

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    Beetlesiri Houston [enlighten my devil-may-care transplanting]
    So my opinion is that this whole shit show is just a political scheme to undermine Trump at the next election. This happens a lot more often on years where the election is going to be held than any other time as well. I have heard rumors that BLM has also been using the slush fund ActBlue to fund the DNC as well.

    This just makes the whole year annoying because everyone is trying to shove more propaganda down your throat than a Jehovah's witness. We have major legacy medias who essentially use fascist or Nazi propaganda tactics to confuse the ignorant masses into buying their narrative.Ot makes me wonder why no one ever puts these assholes in their place. I know Trump can't because even though they are committing defamation of character at a minimum, they would then claim he is taking away their free speech and he would be viewed as a symbol of oppression. I know both sides play dirty, but this is out of hand.

    I was just curious if anyone had heard what may happen next or if you have an interesting theories that could be feasible.
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    Erekshun Naturally Camouflaged
    You are spot on

    Who are you?
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    Beetlesiri Houston [enlighten my devil-may-care transplanting]
    Originally posted by Erekshun You are spot on

    Who are you?

    I am just someone who is tired of scare tactics to silence the masses or to make them open their wallets out of misguided guilt. People keep wanting others to be inclusive to them, but will not show the same kindness back.
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    Firekrochfatty African Astronaut
    A massive army of Jehovah's Witness. The likes of which we have never seen.

    Then.... then, they'll say sewer water is good for sensitive skin and has sun screen properties. It will then be said that it also cures acne.
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    Beetlesiri Houston [enlighten my devil-may-care transplanting]
    Originally posted by Firekrochfatty A massive army of Jehovah's Witness. The likes of which we have never seen.

    Then…. then, they'll say sewer water is good for sensitive skin and has sun screen properties. It will then be said that it also cures acne.

    I think some of the drug addled in Soyville are probably already covering their skin in feces to absorb all the natural nutrients our sinful bodies waste. The point is we are already there. I am scared of what could happen before the election.
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    Firekrochfatty African Astronaut
    The things that have come to pass, have perplexed all I've talked to. I think full lockdown with full Martial Law might happen before the election. Late Sept? Oct? or... No election at all maybe, just business as been going on, as usual. If there is, it'll be pomp and circumstance. Both sides will cheat. It's inevitable. Both sides are extreme crooks.

    Everything on both sides to me is fake news when I hear it.

    A possible large war might be devised as a smoke screen for more dirty shit to take place. Or, it might be a real boneheaded war, with all the ego's of men behind it.

    Fires might be really bad, as well as tropical storms... and, we have no money to cover such tragedies, so all will be on their own. More disgruntled humans, and more unfair shit on all sides, all colors, all creeds.

    The truth will be buried so unfucking believably deep, they'll have to dig it out of the Pre-Cambrian period strata in 100 million years from now.

    This is the new usual.

    Another possibility, but less likely I hope, is full-on race wars, or exterminations here and there. Many really want that shit to happen. This will escalate, but to what degree is undetermined. Many want this here in these threads.

    Many want me dead, here, and in other countries. Many have tried overseas. so far, all have failed. That also could change here, now...
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    Not quite, but they're using it for that, too. Their prime goal is to use the virus as a smokescreen and platform for a test run of their New World Order (renamed recently to the New Normal). They are testing for the End Game run and world takeover, which isn't all that far off now.
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga
    This is all part of Agenda 2030
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    If you want to look at the blueprint the Globalists used and coordinated with worldwide for this particular COVID-19 attack, research Bill Gates' EVENT 201. It has all the elements of this unique attack in it, right down to the fine details. They all coordinated using this blueprint, under the guise of a "simulation". EVENT 201 was put together on September 11th, 2019. They have also run other "simulations" (real-life attacks) for Ebola, the Swine Flu and the Avian Flu under codenames Clade X, Dark Winter, and Atlantic Storm.

    see also:
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    Firekrochfatty African Astronaut
    It's amazing that some little punk humans actually want to kill everyone pretty much on planet earth, dead. The ones that survive the initial slaughter, eventually killed off or made slaves.

    Nature will find a way to kill the ones that want this too. Nature's just like that... humans just think they are too smart for that... man's ego again....

    I'm laughing, cause they're DEAD wrong. (smiles sardonically)

    Why?...................................It'll turn on them. Shit ALWAYS GETS LOOSE.....Kharma is a beautiful thing.

    Humans..............always tryin to fix somethin that ain't broke.
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    tee hee hee Naturally Camouflaged [slangily complete this slumberer]
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    STER0S African Astronaut [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    this elecetion year has been the craziest yet -- no fkn doubt
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