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So the protest didn't go like I expectee

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    I wemt to a BLM protest and the milly Terryorized armored cops surrounded me. The leader had his little gremlins hold me up by my ankles and he poured cocaine down my nose and the deputy tickled my lip whoch sent me into sneezing fits and I blew a huge cloud of cocaine dust. The leader became enraged and started hitting me in the stomach he said "YOU WASTED MY COCAINE YOU STUPID BITCH" and he started hitting me in the tummy and kept repeating the same line over and over like a robot: " STOP RESISTING, WHERE'S THE REST OF THE DRUGS?! STOP RESISTING, WHERE'S THE REST OF THE DRUGS??!"

    I WAS LITERALLY AT THE END OF MY ROPE . If I flex my tummy then it turns hard as steel but I couldnt hardly keep it flexed this long my defences were weakening and soon the blows to my tummy would actially make a dent in me when i stop flexing.

    Then at the last minute a group of Latinos swarmed the coppers and said let him go your hurting him you fvcking PORK. The cops flipped the fvck out like someone kicked a nest of bees. The leader yelled atenhut and they all marched single file back to their milly Terry assault tank and he backed up to turn around and totally crashed into this ladies hpuse and they sped off in a whiff of smoke.
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    You need to wear black face camouflage. Their vision is based on movement
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