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Shoutcast radio

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    Hikikomori-Fujoshi African Astronaut
    For $10 a month I can run my own radio station with unlimited bandwidth.
    Seeing as I'm a hikikomori with all the time in the world I couod dedicate a lot of time to this.
    I'll host the channel just like FM radio, with commentary before and after songs.
    I'll mostly play industrial music and post-industrial, but I'll include many other genres as well.
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    no you wont
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    Hikikomori-Fujoshi African Astronaut
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood no you wont

    I literly am.
    I might eventually build a site for it.
    Now the main question is should I do it for free and play commercial music or take donations and only play independent music.
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    You have never followed through on any of your ideas. Where is the text file site?
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