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Okami is not half bad.

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    MexicanMasterRace Dark Matter (banned)
    Never got around till playing it and tbh I didn't get it at first but WOW. This is one of the most visually stunning games I've played. They chose a bold style and stuck to it. Its a simple, easy game, with interesting brush mechanics that keeps puzzle solving fresh.

    Great game to play stoned. Feels like the saturation is at 11
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    Nice summer sale purchase ehehehehe
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    MexicanMasterRace Dark Matter (banned)
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Nice summer sale purchase ehehehehe

    I've actually had it for months and never played it. I have more games than I need because i never finish any :(
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    MexicanMasterRace Dark Matter (banned)
    I talked to my friend about it and he says the story sucked

    This nigga skipped all the Japanese mythology at the beginning

    And he's a fucking hikikomori anime nerd wtf.

    I love playing as a goddamn wolf sun god. Everytime you align the constellations your kids are like HEY MOMMY

    You are the mother and protector of nature and its awesome.

    I'm hoping i get some more attacks for the brush soon. Slash to finish off grey enemies is getting old. About 2h deep.
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