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How to make Adamsite

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    All you need is hydrochloric acid, arsenic and diphenylamine.

    It's surprisingly easy to obtain those two items. diphenylamine is used as a treatment to prevent apple rot, banned in Europe but still available in North America from two companies. I checked a bunch of SDS and it's just DPA mixed with a solvent and stabilizer.

    Decco U.S. Post-Harvest Inc.
    Diphenylamine Technical
    No Scald DPA EC-283
    Decco No Scald DPA Aerosol

    Pace International, LLC
    Shield DPA 15% Super Refined
    Pace International LLC ecoFOG-100
    Pace International LLC ecoFOG-170 DPA
    DPA Super Refined Diphenylamine

    Aresnic is a bit more tricky and I don't really know of any ways to easily get arsenious oxide. I did however find quite a few arsenic ores and minerals for sale on ebay. Making the oxide is easy you just have to combust arsenic.

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