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Webcam question.

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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Chell is into the idea of me setting up cameras in a couple corners of the house so she can watch the kitty while she is at work.
    What is the best type of cameras that I can use with my computer and also do webcam stuff with?
    Last time I visited this idea she thought it was a creepy and stuid but now that she gets to use it to watch the cat she is totally down.
    I remember reading that it is a bad idea to try and use usb extensions to try and get webcams to reach far corners of my house die to something about not being able to supply them with enough power.
    IP Camera? What is that? Do they only work with a survaillance system?
    Wireless cameras? Are they any good?
    I dont want some 1.3mp bullshit either.
    I tried using old phones but they all got wet and that isn't an option anymore unless I go buy other old phones and even when I used old phones the resolution wasn't that great and anything more than 6 or 8 feet away would look like crap in jumpchat.
    If I get security cameras can I also use them as a webcam source for jumpchat?
    I dont wanna have to buy a retardedly complicated bunch of shit to have to not even get working.
    Does anyone have any experience ot knowledge they would like to share?

    Bonus question: How do I get my computer to tell me when I am mispelling words. I know I didn't get away without a single typo.
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    pEEpEEpOOpOO Yung Blood
    Please dont, we dont want to see her naked agian...
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    I do
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    AngryOnion Big Wig [the nightly self-effacing broadsheet]
    Look at these.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I tried using old phones but they all got wet


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    IP cams are 10 a penny on ebay...literally dozens to choose from and cheap as fuck.
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    Hikikomori-Fujoshi African Astronaut
    Shove it up your ass
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson *arse

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    Hikikomori-Fujoshi African Astronaut
    *rear end
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    *ass crack
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    AngryIVer African Astronaut [my jade controlled morrigan]
    You get this:

    And some regular ass wired security cameras.
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