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what type of one are you?

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    WE SMOOTH African Astronaut
    you’re in the initial stages of “talking” to someone. they air/ghost/curve/go dry on you.

    do you:

    a. act unbothered and let it be
    b. try to turn up the heat/throw a hail mary
    c. remove/unfollow them and keep it moving
    d. wait 5 months to ask “why’d you ghost me?” at 6 AM while you sit in your room alone thinking about life

    i’m still trying to decide which approach i like best. i mix it up generally - i think A is how i want to conduct myself but sometimes it bothers my ego to keep having to see a girl who rejected you indirectly posting thirst traps etc. so i go with C a lot.

    D i’ve had done to me when i ghosted a bitch and i appreciated it i guess. i made up a lie obviously, it was because of her ugly ass toes. D is how i would act if the average person was worth opening up to.

    in before the zoklet playas who never have this happen to them.
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    I have never been ghosted because I don't interact with other humans that often. I knew a guy that got ghosted 10 times in a row and it drove him crazy, he had to spend some time in the psych ward
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    cigreting African Astronaut
    Move on. Theres a reason they ghost someone. Your going to make youself look weak and desperate if you reach out. Women go dry as fuck for a weak man.
    Work on yourself and if the bitch comes along again tell her to get bent
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