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The Grim future of the automobile

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    The combustion engine is on its way out in the near future it will be outlaw for an engine to be on the road therefore we will see a vast shift and Technology step in to pick up the slack all new cars will be so hot cars I like they will be like a roller derby cars and the way it will work is every business and house in parking lot will have an elevator an elevator to lift them up and just get you started in this way the elevator could use renewable energy and you were just coasts on your Merry way

    Emissions will soon drop over 39% and a whole new industry of slot cars and burgeoning elevator craftsmanship this is a strange future but I am excited

    The exception to this rule will be you will addicts such as diesel drinking semi truck drivers they will basically be Bandits flying across the face against the face of the d o t cops who are out to choke their emissions off it's a clever truck driving maneuver tick communicate with their comrades on their CB radio always tipping each other off looking out for their fellow driver and holding the highest regard and level of professionalism despite being modern-day diesel drinking pirate
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