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Evolution is a made up imaginary science based on lies.

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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Evidently mankind was second fiddle to the fallen angels, they wreaked havoc on mankind, although man's curiosity about weapons of war and tactics and witchcraft forbidden knowledge was akin to going to the fairgrounds of wondrous delights, and those dinosaurs were probably a trip and the the man-giant experiments.
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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    Anyone wanna talk about the remains of giants found all over the world and covered up by our governments?
    What are they hiding?
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    Octavian motherfucker
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    Originally posted by Octavian

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    That's only half true. Clearly nigger and fonaplatsis are the missing linx
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