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The Somme 1916: From Both Sides of the Wire

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    Cathay Coof African Astronaut [the ariled affirmatory basinet]

    Pretty interesting documentary here. It goes into good detail on the Germans in WW1, who were fighting with less men, less kit, less food and less weapons than the Brits or French, and how they had to become smarter in order to stay in the game.
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    Cathay Coof African Astronaut [the ariled affirmatory basinet]
    You gotta laugh at the chinless-wonder Brit officers. They got so many people killed. The Germans were tapping their communications (which were unencrypted and relied on a ground return circuit) and knew what they were doing, and their shells had a 40-90% dud rate (which was kept secret). Then, cos contour maps a shit, they sent men onto hills (including Commonwealth troops like the Newfoundlanders) where the Germans had machineguns on all the hills around.
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