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shit be vulnerable as fuck

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    cyberpunk Yung Blood
    (from /anarchy/)

    > shit be vulnerable as fuck

    sure, and it has been so designed

    > "you could use iploggin thru images yo"

    and make unique links for each image, which you send only to specific persons by mail or private message, thus more certainly acquiring their specific IP (univocal person to IP)

    > "host ur own private proxy on any paas of ur choice"

    the trick is registering and setting up the paas anonymously (through TOR?), not letting it register down anything, and making it give you a warning once it has been compromised (booby trap?)

    > "make an 'ip-conditional webpage' that only serves to an ip you privately own"

    yes, this is in essence the same as the hellban trick, but used as a rule instead of exception. everyone not whitelisted is hellbanned from your content and might see something completely trivial or innocent
    this also reminds me of the wizards trick at the 4th harry potter book, where, instead of some wizards tourney, through illusion the muggles see an ordinary forest

    > "u prolly can use fake skin on thumb to give a different fingaprint and bypass biometrics"

    you can periodically use body deformation techniques to change your fingerprint signature to something different than what has been officially recorded
    if you own fingerprint analysis software you can probably even "unit test" it to assert that it fails recognition
    and you might use fingerprint collected info to 3d print a thumb replica for your own bypassing goals
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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    Go join Neo in the Matrix you little bitch.
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