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A random list of 100 TOTSE usernames, and one question.

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    Chronic Yung Blood
    The question being, "Where are all these motherfuckers, and so many others that used to post on &T?"
    1. -Morb-
    2. absolutecaliber
    3. Agent 008
    4. Angry Blue Bird of Death
    5. Aquabania
    6. Archimedes_Soul
    7. Bckpckr
    8. Bringin Fappage Back
    9. Buff Chesthair
    10. captain_pants
    11. Carbonbased
    12. Ca$h_Money
    13. ChemicalFormulaLove
    14. Clover
    15. CosmicZombie
    16. Cotton Candy Connoisseur
    17. Cowboy of the Apocalypse
    18. deadteenager
    19. Death Insurance
    20. DeliciousPun
    21. DerDrache
    22. Ed Lister
    23. ellementlady89
    24. Enter
    25. Euda
    26. Fetus-Smasher
    27. fretbuzz
    28. fuckbiscuit
    29. Giggles_The_Panda
    30. granite erection
    31. Green Lantern
    32. grusomhat
    33. HandOfZek
    34. Hit-The-Bong
    35. ibetyouvotenexttimehippy
    36. I Fought The Law
    37. i poop in your cereal
    38. Infrared
    39. Instigator
    40. J.P.W.
    41. J J The Jet Plane
    42. jackketch
    43. Japanese Giraffe
    44. Jojoman
    45. JustAnotherAsshole
    46. katiesbeenrickrolled
    47. killallthewhiteman
    48. Lovecraft
    49. Low Rider
    50. MandatorySuicide
    51. Mantikore
    52. Martian Luger King
    53. merciless mercenary
    54. Misguided Russian
    55. monkmaster
    56. moonmeister
    57. Name's Taken
    58. napoleon_complex
    59. nincumpoop
    60. NotThatPhat
    61. OneMulatto
    62. Pill Popper
    63. PirateJoe
    64. ReclaimPublicSpace
    65. rusty needles
    66. Sadistic Squirrel
    67. sambob
    68. Satans Handicapped Helper
    69. Sekt0r
    70. SHARP
    71. Silverfuck
    72. smokemon
    73. Soft Pizza
    74. Slowdown
    75. Some Old Drunk Guy
    76. SomeLowLife
    77. spartan_420
    78. Sprinkles
    79. Staples
    80. surprise buttsecks
    81. Starwarsfreak
    82. The Benadryl Bandit
    83. The Duke
    84. The Great Flood of 2008
    85. TheVizier
    86. Tinted Glass
    87. Tommy Lund
    88. Toothlessjoe
    89. toothlessjoe's teeth
    90. viibe
    91. Wing Ding
    92. wires
    93. xian
    94. xRadical_Wankerx
    95. whocares123
    96. wookiekiller12
    97. WritingANovel
    98. Yggdrasil
    99. zumtream
    100. zuperxtreme
    Also a lot of the usernames like toothlessjoe's teeth and surprise buttsecks make me lulz.
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    arthur treacher African Astronaut
    tommy lund used to come around sanctuary, the rest are dead or in jail, literally. You know that the average member of these communities is a feckless moron prone to polydrug abuse and risky, unseemly sexual practices. Not to mention the inordinate, statistically improbable amount of trannies.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Fuckbiscuit comes on TC a lot.
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    Half of them are probably pushing daisies right now.

    RIP ytter
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    Shodan Yung Blood
    Lol anyone remember Aludin and Bloodydiaperman?

    and that one really cool dude who's mom was Evil Rita in Power Rangers. I can't remember his username cause it was like 12 years ago.

    Also where the hell did D1stortion go?
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    Chronic Yung Blood
    I remember bloodydiaperman. Talked to him about a year ago on Zoklet as a matter of fact. If I remember correctly he lives close by me.
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    Your D1stortion was on the fern, believe it or not.
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    Poor Snoopy. Once a great legacy, now not even named or remembered.

    *shakes head sadly*
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    Chronic Yung Blood
    A few random memories regarding random members on the list:

    If I remember correctly, katiesbeenrickrolled was from New Hampshire and I used to talk to her on AOL Instant Messenger a lot. I think she stopped talking to me though after the "Old Man of the Mountain" fell apart and I told her that her state now had nothing going for it.

    Toothlessjoe was a strange looking dude.

    I used to talk to Infrared a lot too but I don't even remember what about. I think mostly urban exploration and random life bullshit. Cool guy. What's he up to these days?

    Oh, and then there was MandatorySuicide and his "Green Lantern is like a dick without wings" thread. I think that thread made the cross-over from TOTSE to Zoklet.
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    Then there was MLoR.
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    trait0r Yung Blood
    Infrared? Damn, that's a name I haven't seen in a long time. Him and (I think it was) Psychlonic.
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    arthur treacher African Astronaut
    Poor Snoopy. Once a great legacy, now not even named or remembered.

    *shakes head sadly*

    fuck snoopy
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Michael Myers Insurgent [divide your nonresilient tucker]
    At least Snoopy fell down along with Zoklet and Zok.
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    Shodan Yung Blood
    I knew d1stortion was on redfern, but didn't see him post that much.

    Is ate still alive?
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    Siu3d Yung Blood
    I bet half of those names were the same person.
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    Malice Naturally Camouflaged
    Infrared has a hot redhead wife now and is making bank in the medical field. He only works 3 days a week, IIRC.
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    Chronic Yung Blood
    Infrared has a hot redhead wife now and is making bank in the medical field. He only works 3 days a week, IIRC.

    I think I talked to him when he was first getting into that field. If I remember correctly a lot of the times he was at work when posting or chatting.
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    Infrared is full of shitshit. He had an enlisted MOS in the Air Force but insists he was a Captain.

    fuck snoopy

    And yes, fuck Snoopy.
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    Dissociator African Astronaut
    Wtf happened to cigaretting
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Is ate still alive?

    He's on the Mothership, headed to the Next Level.
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