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Being productive during unemployed lockdown

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    rabbitweed Tuskegee Airman
    What are you people up to?

    I am interviewing for stupid fucking jobs that seem shit. But doing too much youtube fagging around.
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    snab_snib African Astronaut
    you could vandalize synagogues. that'd be useful.
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    rabbitweed Tuskegee Airman
    I live near a university with lots of 'fight the white patriarchy maaaannnn' type posters around. I wonder if I can get a marker and do some low effort IRL shitposting
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    snab_snib African Astronaut
    what do you have to lose? start a post-neo-nazi gang of musketeers and go do bad shit and share food with each other. you'd be living in a fairy tale, a life full of romance.
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    I'm a NEET so my life has not been affected much.
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    be reproductive.
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