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I don't like making coffee at home

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    Sure it's cheaper and you can make a giant pot as strong as you want with 6 sugars. Why stop at just one though? YOU CAN MAKE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. NOBODY HAS EVER DIED FROM COFFEE, bonus cups are the shit you can put 20 scoops of instant coffee in a mug with a bit of sugar and chug it for the ultimate rush. Or you can make a giant pot, pour in some milk and chug that. Even the pope chugs coffee because he's from South America, can you really blame him?

    I like getting it from the store because I just get one cup and its normal strength. I have no self control when I make it myself, caffeine is the shit and one of my favorite drugs ever since I was a young teenager. You can stay up all night and play video games if you chug coffee

    The doctors told me I have an anxiety disorder exacerbated by my abuse of caffeine, they are probably right but can you blame me? Jittering feels fucking amazing even though people think i'm on crack, they just don't get it man. If you are too pussy to abuse caffeine why even live.

    It all started when I got a coffee from Denny's at 3am and my friend slipped caffeine pills in it, I lost the ability to sleep but played call of duty until 12pm and then I yoinked the bottle of pills from my friend and ate them all in a few days. Thanks to the pandemic I can't get my free coffee from A&W anymore so I have been making my own and GOD DAMN THOSE FUCKERS AT A&W HAVE BEEN GIVING ME WEAK SHIT. There should be a cafe that makes super coffee 12x strong with caffeine pills and a legal amount of codeine to take the edge off. I don't know of any laws against making bonus cups, I guess most people are just pussies and don't want to drink stimulant sludge. Everyone is doing it wrong and coffee culture is gay as fuck.

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    Octavian motherfucker
    You have anxiety cause you smoke major weed.

    ***Incoming indenial excuses***
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    I don't even smoke that much weed. It's been weeks and the pandemic is making it so I have to go through legal channels which I dislike. I am a sober scrawny just chugging coffee and hitting the vape every five minutes.

    That come down from chugging a pot is smooth though my heart is racing I feel great. Caffeine is the shit upon all shits. Fuck African slaves I don't care how bad their working conditions are to support this indulgent consumerism.

    You can make caffeine synthetically and just drink it in an energy drink if you were ever in space or something but why bother. Yes I support slavery. People say coffee is only good tasting because you're addicted to the caffeine. Maybe that's true but I don't care either way.

    Even shitty coffee is great to me and great coffee is fucking amazing. I really like ice coffee, I can drink it all day every day. I drank pretty much only ice coffee for a year and it was delicious.

    You sleep like a baby too when you crash

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