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Question regarding the landlord leeches class

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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    Landlords are the only ones winning right now. Everyone else can get laid off or businesses forced to stay closed but landlords always expect their payments or monthly rent on time even now and law still backs them. HERE IS MY QUESTION:

    how do you guys deal with a landlord who lives in anotehr country (England in my case) and refusee to answer emails? And only trie sto get you to sign rental agreements benefitting him and not middle ground? and any question you have he ignores unless it affects him in some way? Like if you don't pay on the first they're all over calling or emailing you but any reason you have they are nowhere to be found?
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    snab_snib African Astronaut
    you should be homeless soon
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    Because third world european countries don't have any laws about maintaining property because it's all communist era housing and they would all go broke if they had to bring it up to code
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    Not regarding this. I am trying to get him to change the stupid shit he has on the rental agreement for a new rental agreement benefitting him sine the time passed anyway from the agreement. Change it to the law which says I have 9 days to pay for rent the beginning of the month not the first and actually give me his I do like socials security end dress of residence since I am afraid he is gonna take my deposit at the end without reason and ned to have some reassurances which his shitty mental agreements don't have in place. Plus he isn't even the owner but his girlfriend and her family (possibly wife but I tho k girlfriend) so if like to know if he even has the legal right to rent it but if not at least give me some fucking assurance won't be fucked out of my deposit at the end.
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    He is a Polish guy who lives and works doing I think manual labor (he claims elecrician) in England and they were to have inherited some properties in Poland somehow. He also is constantly in Poland apparently like every month and only wants to control discussions. And in person or over the phone where there is no record of it.
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    snab_snib African Astronaut
    enjoy sucking cock in alleys for a meal, you worthless shit stain
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by snab_snib enjoy sucking cock in alleys for a meal, you worthless shit stain

    Actually No you shitstain I can just top paying him and call the cops if he tries to come in or change the locks even though the rental agreement expired I tho k I have some legal right to do that no? I MEAN HE WOULD HVE TOG ET ME EVICTED THRIUGH THE COURTS WOULDNT HE? plus prove he had the legal right to even rent it out.
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    snab_snib African Astronaut
    you don't have any legal rights, except the right to die in a fucking gutter, which you're about to do.
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    And btw you don't we anyone being evicted right now in the USA do you shitstain? In fact last I recall trump is bailing all those families out with like w free month rent and putting a halt on evictions nationwide isnt he? Too bad I don't live there though right?
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    In USA no one is getting evicted you fucking moron so how do you know Poland won't do the same?
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    snab_snib African Astronaut
    you are going to be living on the fucking streets, if you survive another 8 months, you will die in the freezing cold.
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    I am thinking that it is pointless to call him because he won't answer and there won't be a record of the conversation so he will just say ya ok whatever talk his wa out of anything them ignore me again. So I think I'm gonna pay him a little later this month to teach him a lesson Like the second instead of 28-30th like I always do so he will know how it feels a bit. I still worry he is trying to rip me off from my deposit money though.
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    The landlords and property owners received a 6-month deferral on their mortgages from the banks and the government, and then they all run out and demand immediate payment from all their tenants. And these "people" should not be hung from the lampposts why?
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    What's worse is how they can get away with fucking people out of deposits. The whole deposit system is a sham and how they always have agreements they force you I sign that benefit them. In places like San Francisco I Warsaw if you don't sign it someone else will due to the demand to find places to fucking just live.
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    There's a worldwide civil war coming and they are all going to die. There won't be a single hiding place that will save them, if people know who they were.
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    a communist revolution.
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    Octavian motherfucker
    Hopefully Wariat will be sucking cock for change and freezing to death soon. How's that for being an "artist", you worthless piece of shit.

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    Technologist motherfucker
    “Starving artist”😂
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    I think you're just being paranoid. Don't pay your rent late ya dolt
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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    its only one day late and within the limits of the laws he changed the date from last agreemnet from fourth to first so im just pushing him just a bit but the laess tipulate here i have until the ninth no matter what his lease says plus its over now or the time frsme of the lease went thriugh).
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