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Fuck Delicious Cheese Roll Up

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    This is one I learned from muh bitch.

    Take a tortillia an start frying that fucker.

    Spread some cheese all oer dad nigga
    (I liek to put halapenos and hawt salsa on 4 a zing)

    fry dad shit up an roll it in a tube. Den fry a little longer an you got a tasty cheesy delight.

    Also drunk as fuck

    ****BONIS RESIPEE!!!****
    Rum n coke

    go to the neighboring appartment building and get a coke from they vending machine

    pour some Black Seal into a cup with some ice

    decide u poored 2 much and try poor some back in duh bottle

    fuck up and spull rum on duh floor.

    top that shit off with ur rum

    drink it with the cheese roll up and you have a good ass nite.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I like how the recipe calls for pouring some rum back into the bottle and spilling it. Essential for rum and coke goodness.
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