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Amazing video with Tory Bruno, Engineer-CEO of United Launch Alliance

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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]
    The incredible thing about this is the depth of technical knowledge Bruno has. When I clicked on this I assumed it was an annoying I-fucking-love-sciencer meets middle-management marketing guy, and while I was right about the first part, I was astonished at Bruno. He knows everything about those rockets and how they are made, and when I realised he was the CEO I was shocked. A real Jack Welch guy.

    He is so cool when he's pointing to rockets and saying "that's going to Mars" and "that's going to the Sun" it's unreal, like something out of Half Life. And of course he knows everything about how they will be going there too.

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    snab_snib African Astronaut
    well you know there have to be people like him for us to do stuff in space. without people exactly like that, it doesn't happen.
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