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Niggasinspace mutual fund

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    Okay here's the plan. We will pick stocks, bonds, forex trades and investments that align with our values and interests.

    i suggest we start off with tech stock (Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook). Pharmaceuticals (Bayer, Sigma, Valiant). Oil and Gas (pipelines, fracking). MARIJUANA STOCKS. SpaceX, Mining (Molybdenum).

    We will be looking at North American markets as well as China, Japan and Europe.

    The more we put in the more we all get. Imagine making $70kUSD every year from stops and shorts. We have more of an edge than any investment group and if we pool our knowledge it will be profit all around.

    And when it all pays off we can funnel all the profit into becoming DNM vendors simply packing and shipping and make 500% return on all investments.

    WHO'S IN??
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    bling bling Dark Matter
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    you know what, fuck capitalism. First thing in space? Sputnik. First space station?, Mir. Capitalism is just a bunch of cucks.

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    bling bling Dark Matter
    just let me trade crypto all day for u
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    gimme those pnd
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    bling bling Dark Matter
    u dont even haev a pnd adress nub
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    bling bling Dark Matter
    see look u r a noob
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    hey fuck you former, and soon to be, king
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    I was reading about that dude who knocked 1 trillion off the US stock exchange or something from his momma's basement, he made about 30 mil too. If he can do it, we can
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    Cly African Astronaut [foredate your moneyless friar's-cowl]
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