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Get rich quick scheme part 1: I need help

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    kush_blunt Houston
    Looking for someone who can breakdown an android app. Then use the pieces to create a script.
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    oh look its bling.
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    kush_blunt Houston
    oh look its bling.

    Well another community as helpful as those reddit fags😑
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    Well another community as helpful as those reddit fags😑

    People don't work for free son. Teach yourself something and a world of possibilities will open up for you.

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    kush_blunt Houston
    People don't work for free son.

    I'm trying to make this job a 50:50 mofucka. It's honest too. I'm just trying to find someone who already has the skills, no need to reinvent the wheel.
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    What are you bringing to the table
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    kush_blunt Houston
    An idea. Tested on smaller levels with success. I think it'd work on a higher level. But it's not your conventional scheme where you snatch somebodies dough. Or where you break your back for a few bucks. This is logic in a refined form.
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    Let's start an app dev company then. I'll pitch.
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    kush_blunt Houston
    Na it's not that complicated, maybe I'm pitching this wrong… Ok let's pretend I know a guy that wants some money washed. PRETEND. Then let's pretend that an unspecified amount of money shows up in your paypal account. Probably not enough to buy a Van Gogh, but this peasant did some work for this made man before (on a much smaller level) and paid off his remaining lawyer fees. Any way now lets pretend that if we cut and run from this made man, he crushes our skull. I'm the middleman here, he's a very busy guy. So before we get busy I'm going to sit down with the skill guy and test him to see if he can do it. We can do this face to face, or over the internet. You picking up what I'm putin down?
    Edit: in the end we get a cut.
    Edit2: Washing money penny by penny.
    Edit3: you don't wanna get cancer.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I got Andoid iBanking bontet, ready for distribution fam.
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    kush_blunt Houston
    oh lord, I don't even... I can't even tell if the thread's been derailed. Thanks anyway.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    oh lord, I don't even… I can't even tell if the thread's been derailed. Thanks anyway.

    This is the wrong forum anyway. FOr high tech crimes you should scroll to the bottom of the front page and make a thread in the Technophiles & Technophiliacs section.
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    username: African Astronaut
    Originally posted by The Self Taught Man oh look its bling.

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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    ibanking bot not running
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