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Do yall pack lunch for work?

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    Iv been pretty bad about about eating out for lunch.
    Looking at start packing to save some monies.

    If you do pack, what is the usual?
    I have a microwave at work.
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Usually leftover dinner from night before.
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    frala African Astronaut
    Sometimes yus, sometimes no.

    Usually just a turkey sandwich or chicken salad if I pack.
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    Fox African Astronaut
    There’s a fridge and a full kitchen here. I usually bring stuff from home at the beginning of the work week and keep it there
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    frala African Astronaut
    What kind of stuff though?
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    Fox African Astronaut
    Oh uh I dunno whatever I got when I went grocery shopping last. Sometimes I’ll pan cook a ribeye, bake a salmon, spaghetti, whatever. Other times I’ll just get a couple microwave meals because I don’t feel like cooking.
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    frala African Astronaut
    You on them lean cuisines nigga?
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    Fox African Astronaut
    U know it gurl
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