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Radios overplay music way too much

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    Pretty much ruined a lot of mainstream music for me and changed my tastes forever because when I was younger there was no itunes or music on youtube so the only new music was on the radio.

    But radios play the same shit for months non stop until you hate it, maybe that's just me. Everyone else was sexy with it but I got sick of hearing it quickly so I got into other kinds of music like classic rock and stuff on youtube which was mostly techno.

    I am still sick of this song because it was played so much on the radio, it's probably a good song and I haven't heard it forever but I heard it so much back in the day that I need another 10 years before I can appreciate it.

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    Corona-chan African Astronaut
    You could have bought some CDs
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    That's retarded
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    Corona-chan African Astronaut
    No, pretending your boyfriend is a girl is retarded.
    Buying cds is one of the greatest joys in life.
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