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Election Reform

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    Speedy Parker Naturally Camouflaged
    One thing most people on both the left and the right can agree on is this. The way elections are handled in this country needs some work. Of course that is where the agreement stops and people get into which side is doing what and how it favors who. This thread is not for that. It is for ideas that would help the election process serve the people and not parties. I have long held (since before many of you were born) that the bi-partisan system significant part of the problem when it comes to elections serving parties and not people.

    All across our land at every level of elected positions we are by and large given a choice of red or blue with perhaps a handful of notable exceptions. In primary races the state (read the people) has no say in how the peoples votes are counted or the rules for winning the nomination they are running for. These rules are all determined by private entities known as the DNC and the RNC. To break this two party private stranglehold aside from obvious measures such as term limits and unified rules across all 50 states ratified by the several legislatures for primary elections There is a simple reformation which would put more choice directly in the hands of the people.

    Currently you have the choice to select any candidate on the ballot or write in a candidate of your choice. This almost always means pick red, pick blue, or write in a vote in protest against both candidates knowing full well that the name you wrote will never get the office. This results in a red or blue win almost every single time. The simple reform mentioned above which would break this system you ask. Require very ballot for any elected office at any level were required the following choice in addition to all candidates listed; "None of the above acceptable". Should the majority vote "none of the above acceptable" a new ballot at a special election would be presented to the people with none of the previous candidates on the new ballot. In addition candidates found not acceptable by the people on the original ballot would be barred from holding elected office for a period of five years.
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    Splam Tuskegee Airman
    You guys need to restore state sovereignty. Federal Gov't should be a military alliance and protect constitutional rights. No more, no less.
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    Speedy Parker Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by Splam You guys need to restore state sovereignty. Federal Gov't should be a military alliance and protect constitutional rights. No more, no less.

    I agree with that on every level. The wrong side won the civil war and it had nothing to do with niggers.
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    1- ellections need to be painful for the voters. extremely painful. this is to ensure they will not take their vote in vain.

    2- ellections need to be made open and public. who they voted for should be permanently marked, either on their identity cards, drivers licenses, or tattooed onto their bodies. grandfathers should held accountable for their choices of candidates generations ago and be made liable for explanations concerning their choices in those days to their grandchildrens.

    3- ellections are privillages, and as such, voters should pay for their votes to be processed.

    4- political parties should be banned. people should only be made to vote for the individuals, not the parties, true to the nature of capitalistic, individualistic democracies.

    5- if your reading to this, then your the resistance.
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