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You NEED to see this - Russian interference equation

  1. #1 Tuskegee Airman
    MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday Russia would not legalize gay marriage as long as he was in the Kremlin.

    People from a military background will not see this for what it is. They will think as an American defending American values, that Americans are all in step with them and will never support Russia. They will believe the statements made in Congress overwhelmingly reflect American society at large.

    They haven't seen things like the following. They don't have the time to.

    You don't protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy

    They are only exposed to their closed world of the military where everyone says the same thing and no one is politically controversial because that is not what soldiers are made of. Their external world is military discounts at Wendy's and media quips about support the troops.


    There are many activists out there. There are enough for them to have a decent voice and influence, especially amongst youth and students, shaping the future of America.

    This is what they are trying to do. They are subversive by intent. They ARE anti American. They are against everything America was built on. They talk about inequality instead of rational economics that allows first world living standards. They want to bring down the status quo. They focus on issues designed to unleash their hate on the system and American values. There could be many reasons for this, such as experiencing injustice, but the point is they know what they're doing and are trying to bring about radical anti American change.

    Let's look at the types of things these people focus on.

    1. Israel/Palestine - they are always anti Israel. This is Soviet era propaganda that is still used by governments in the world to brainwash citizens against America for social control and conscription. It happens in Iran, Syria, and used to be highly prevalent in Eastern Europe. The people doing this are politically astute. They know they are doing influence on behalf of the KGB.

    2. Wage inequality - Everyone wants to be wealthy and happy and comfortable. Work is often a chore for a monetary return that only allows you to scrape by and survive. They blame a system called capitalism and demand socialism which is equated with communist economic policies. They say your life is shit because you are exploited by the elite. Who are the elite? Government and big business working together. Again, they are politically astute. They know they are doing election interference for Russia. They know economics is not so simple and there have to be discrepencies based upon wage and innovation for the system to be self sustaining. But yet they still campaign against it.

    3. Minorities. They campaign for minorities and special privileges for minorities. Instead of everyone being equal, they demand equality means minority groups are identified for special treatment. Specifically, their motivations for gay marriage and civil unions is not about love or equality. It is about destroying social institutions America was built on. Marriage was always, historically a religious rite of passage. It is separate from love. Homosexuals should be free to love each other. The activists for gay marriage are about trying to destroy social foundations. They are. They are politically astute. They are dedicated to destroying America.

    There has never been a genuine activist. They do not care about anything except destroying America. They manipulate your feelings with these issues. They work on behalf of the KGB. They know they do. They do it on purpose.

    So where are we now?

    Real people, people with feelings have been exposed to their one sided propaganda.

    They agree apartheid is bad. It is bad. They are not told Israel built a wall to keep sucide bombers out they are told Israel is a racist country. The youth have strong feelings against Israeli activity in the middle east. Suicide bombers are not a part of what formed their opinions. They are being manipulated. Thousands upon thousands of people every year are exposed to this on college campuses. They are shifting the political direction of the nation in support of jihad and the KGB. For the express purpose of trying to destroy American values.

    People do not understand why the boss has so much money and the worker does not. They also don't understand inflation that would arise if we all had the same spending power. They feel this is not fair. They feel the government and big business are conspiring against them. This manipulation also has the effect of causing people to distrust the government. This is in the common vernacular now.

    What about gay rights? People are people and all deserve to be treated equally. We can all agree on that, which is why there is support for gay marriage. We are manipulated in to seeing this as equality instead of an attack on social institutions that gays hate, such as Christian values that built this country. The activists are not anti Christian, they are anti American. Marriage is a religious thing. Love is not.

    And on the other side of the coin we have this:

    People are seeing their country and values be destroyed for jihad, for self entitled lazy people who demand half of their 401k, and for the devaluation of their marriage. Gays aren't even doing it in churches, they just get the piece of paper.

    They are seeing their country turn to shit.

    Whose doing it? Russian fanboys and fangirls.

    What's Russia doing?

    Extending that influence and interference by appealing to the people who see their nation as destroyed by painting a picture of traditional family values from a government that is not destroying everything they hold dear. The destroyer of their world is their own government. That's the message from Russia.

    But why is the US government making laws to destroy America? Because American citizens demand these policies. That is the prevailing mood of society. That is democracy highjacked by the KGB. That is what these activists are doing.
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