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    My life is an unfair bitch. When will reality set in? And when will the pain pass? When will this fucking faucet stop dripping? It would be a miracle. We are all hostages of our desires.

    I now realize that I no longer want to live here; my castes are unseen around here. There is nothing to catch here. Really only a gun can remain my brother. I would have slapped everyone, in turns, all the bitches and faggots.

    And I sincerely dont care about who and what you are. Dont care who I am to you; a thief, punisher, or a bandit. I live for my family, and only there am I accepted. I stopped caring about everyone else. Respect to all those who understand my theme.

    I will hit once. My brother will hit once, twice. While we are going forward, everything else is snotty garbage. I am not seen, but I am heard.

    Time leaves by the years, money leaves the balances, cars leave, women leave at times, as the vodka pours like a river. They do everything to make us one of their own. Church and belief? This if of course awesome, but this will not fulfill my appetite. This will not calm my memory. Spirituality is amazing, but there is always a hunger to feed.
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    Number13 African Astronaut [dispute my snotty-nosed seagull]
    If your faucet is dripping it might be because of limescale stopping the valve closing fully.
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