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BOOK REVIEW:Harassment Architecture: Written by Mike Ma

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    Sex Goblin Yung Blood

    This book is so fucking good i swear it is very TOTSEesque in tone and reeks of SWIM, to give you an example here a part of one of the first chapters named 'A REAL HUMAN VICTIM'
    Originally posted by Mike Ma If anything, why not funnel your nihilism into something absurd and productive. You don't care about this place? Wonderful. Take a rifle and empty one entire drum magazine in to the windows of
    . Empty the magazine and don't look back unless everything in that hornet's nest is contaminated with lead. You don't care about anything? let me write a message about something that pains me, tape it to your chest and send you into
    for a memorable public self-execution. Let me cover you in plastic explosives and take you on a field trip to the largest power station in America (Please note: Do not do any of these things. Especially do not cover your face and destroy the many largely unprotected power stations and cell towers. Electricity is a ghost, but one you can catch and kill. Do not do that. Do not become the sort of person who gets really good at blowing power stations up while never getting caught.) I hear that migrants are being captured and sold as slaves in Libya, right now. It would be a shame if someone loaded up a cargo truck full of them, armed them all to the teeth, and let them loose in major cities around the UK and Europe. It would be a shame of you told these generally low-IQ individuals that killing large numbers of people would guarantee their freedom is returned. It would be a shame if you took the same concept, but loaded them into a cargo plane and let them loose in New York City, in Los Angeles. Let them loose outside of major news stations and the towers of international bankers.
    The book generally talks about modernity and race realism, there's some trippy parts about sleep deprivation, some hilarious parts like the one where he talks about being beat up by a group of jedi boarding school kids, and yelling the n word at his gym, all and all i'd give it like a 9.5/10, makes me hate gays and blacks.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I meant to read this but I couldn't find a copy online
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