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I could be smoking a lot worse than resin

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    Plan X is to sit outside the tweed facility dressed as a bush with binoculars, drones and GPS trackers to find the disposal of large amounts of cannabis mixed with kitty litter and disposed using traditional waste disposal methods. I have not been able to obtain a sample of the substance but i'm thinking it's got to have some psychoactive value.

    I will go around giving out giant bags to the homeless and forming massive kitty litter smoking crowds of degenerates.

    One acceptable method involves shredding the cannabis and mixing it with water and cat litter — or “other types of inorganic material” — to help break it down and mask the odour before composting or disposing it. The product also can be incinerated, granted the process follows regulations that forbid any method that should result in individuals breathing in the smoke or vapour.

    Lol they had to put a clause saying you can't burn all the weed and smoke it in one shot in a cave bong or something. I guess that would probably violate a bunch of health and safety guidelines. It says a lot though that recreational drug industry has never killed anyone and since 1999 we have had 5 deaths at a single industrial food facility in Toronto.

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    Kitty litter weed gang
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Wtf is wrong with the government.
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    Cly African Astronaut [foredate your moneyless friar's-cowl]
    Smoke rcs, man.
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    I'm not looking for a quick buzz. I want 100kg of this stuff minimum

    Health Canada said since October 2018, the reported quantity of dried cannabis destroyed per month has averaged 11,152 kilograms. As the number of licensed cultivators has increased, the total weight of cannabis destroyed monthly has trended upward, but the percentage of crop destroyed has remained relatively consistent at about four per cent of licensed cultivators' inventories.
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    I don't understand how this makes sense. I can legally grow up to 4 plants for recreational use but if I were to grow those plants for medicinal use, they become illegal and need to be thrown out with kitty litter?

    Also bro if you want a cheap buzz get some of the cheaper hashes from cheebas. Don't smoke cat shit.
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    11,000kg I think i'll catch a buzz.
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood 11,000kg I think i'll catch a buzz.

    And toxoplasmosis.
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    It's not USED kitty litter come on now.

    It's also used in meth chemistry to try and control the smell and toxic fumes.
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    Splam Tuskegee Airman
    11 tonnes of weed they could've made hash or shatter from. What a waste.

    Legalize extracts! Legalize extracts!
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    I will dispose of it for them
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