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kingpin Related coming this year

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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    one of my best gaming memories and favorite fps of all time is kingpin life of crime. I not only co pleted the entire single player but would play deathmatch constsntly on gamespy and remember when the game servers and game community was active during the quake 3 era where new maps were constsntly created thst would automatically download as you played. wow what a game it was with those guns too like the rocket launcher actually feels like a rocket launcher in it.

    Hiki, have you played it? its like gta in first person.

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    I watched the movie this weekend on Netflix. What a classic.
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    This thread reminds me of the original Soldier of Fortune game. I played it back before I even understood a word of english, and it was great. Also I bought it for a few bucks at a toys R us, even though the cover said 18+. Those were simpler times back then.

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