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working sucks we deserve more biglyer freedom

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    A College Professor Naturally Camouflaged [your moreover breastless limestone]
    everytime i start working i feel good cuz of moneys

    then next week im burning out from being a part of the machine and having to be a oily cog

    when i take a day off i feel good cuz i still got that munny and feel like my own man

    when i take a month off i feel bad cuz that money dried up and they GOT ME AGAIN

    make sure to subscribe to pooty pie and buy a tesla thanks for visiting the thread

    ps if you dont like this thread just say so i havent got anything kind to say to you bout it
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    I think it's about time you made your F.U money

    What is F.U money and how can I get away with such foul language? Well you see, people like to say "Money is the root of all evil" BULLSHIT! Poverty is the root of all evil.

    That's why Buddhist monks set themselves on fire and carry out terrorist operations in the name of "Free Tibet"

    F.U money means you can say F U to anybody at any time. Because money gives you the ability to do great things like help the poor, visit your family when they get sick instead of not being able to afford the flight.

    And most importantly, telling people FUCK YOU!!
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