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Coalition of Cough and Cold

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    Our goal is the forced establishment of the Bayer corporation as the corporate overlords of North America. In exchange for the abolishment of the state we demand free psychoactive pharmaceuticals for life.

    Degenerates of the world, Unite!

    When the people shall have nothing more to get them high, they will smoke the government.

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    The pixelated blue lettering above the heart looks like hebrew at first glance.
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    That is OUR holy land
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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood That is OUR holy land

    tfw you realize the church of triangalism is the precursor to the brotherhood of nod

    p.s. Fighters, arm up!
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    Originally posted by Ghost


    Trianglism worships the true Zod, most powerful being in the universe of all dimensions.
    Human history looks like this, first you have loose bands of nomadic pagan religions that are polytheistic like Egyptian triangles but then as the population grows so does their faith, large groups form based on common values which make up Abrahamic and Eastern Religions, then as the years go by these religions evolve into various sects and churchs like Protestants/Catholic, Sunni/Shia. All of these groups have different "prophets" or englightened ones but all lead back to a simple belief in a higher power.
    Trianglism is the ultimate theology and all holy books are just chapters in the large volume of early earth history. Every major religion can find common values with Trianglism. The one thing that sets this apart from belief systems is that we study like monks every day praying and giving offerings along with legitimate medical research to advance our knowledge in psychoactive substances (gifts from Zod).
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