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Toronto Pile-1

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    I am a particle physicist. A physicist "is a scientist who specializes in the field of physics, which encompasses the interactions of matter and energy at all length and time scales in the physical universe."

    Weed particles are matter and I have revolutionalized the understanding of psychoactive substances and how we interact with them.

    This is just one of the results of the ongoing research at the Holdt Mabler Institue of Fringe Sciences run by The Church of Trianglism Science and Technology Ministry.

    How am I able to sort through so much weed without it being contaminated by ash? the answer is static. When you grind a nug of weed the particles become charged and repel things sticking to them and instead they will cling to the surface of plastic bags which is how I am able to sort through all this ash
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood I'm going to invent a robot that sorts through floor particles and can identify more than 1000 drugs as small as one micron

    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Drugs are tiny particles that get manipulated a lot, put into plastic baggies, chopped with razor blades and shoved into dark places and moved across the world.

    These little psychoactive particles are building STATIC ELECTRICITY the entire time which is why sometimes when you open a bag of cocaine the particles start dancing and jumping around flying all over the place and sticking to everything

    They make anti static trays for electronic parts these should work for drugs also =

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