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    "This is the good stuff," Xu'arti said. "See how it crumbles into little flakes? This shit is straight from Andora. No cuts."

    "Yeah, alright. How much is it?" Geemo asked.

    Xu'arti wiggled his eyelobe, a sure sign that he was trying to figure out how much he could charge without Geemo getting offended. "Tell you what, I'll do fifteen for you and seventy if you buy the bundle."

    Geemo squeaked incredulously. "Fifteen? It can't be that good."

    "Fine, fine. Sixty for a bundle. But I can't go any lower."



    "Fifty five."


    "Okay," Geemo said. "Sixty. But it better be good."

    Xu'arti spread his tentacles wide. "Like I said, straight from Andora. You can try it first if you want."

    Geemo loaded the pipe and reached for the thermablaster, taking a moment to roll the cold steel of the pipe against his fingers. It had been a while since he'd smoked namba root. And it DID look good. He thought it best to just take one hit.


    Does Geemo...

    >Take one hit

    >Take two hits

    >Take three hits

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    Geemo plugs it
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    "You know what..."

    "What?" Xu'arti asked.

    "Hold on," Geemo said, grabbing the pipe in his paws and tapping it against the table to empty it. "I think I'm going to try plugging this shit."

    "What? Why in the fuck for?"

    "It gets you higher."

    "No it doesn't," Xu'arti stated. "Namba has the same bioavailability whether you smoke or plug it. It really doesn't-"

    "Yeah well I'm going to plug it. You got a syringe?" Geemo asked.

    Xu'arti turned a light shade of purple. "Alright, whatever floats your ganoodle man. I don't give a fuck. There's some in the wetroom."

    There was something about a Falofian wetrooms that made Geemo kind of queasy. For one, there was almost always mucus stuck in the drains- which wouldn't be so bad were it not for the smell. Geemo placed it somewhere in between a rotting fetal sac and fresh rain. But it didn't really matter. He had namba, and salvation was just moments away.

    Geemo grabbed a mortar and pestle from the drawer and crushed his namba into a fine powder. This was essential to absorption. He'd done it once without any grinding and remembered finding blood in his fur the morning after. But that was a rookie move.

    The syringe went in easily and without struggle. Geemo laid down on his side as he waited for the drug to kick in. Much of his life was spent dreaming of moments like this. There's really nothing like the feeling of a drug kicking in. Life, most of the time, is shit. Things happen and you never really know whether they'll be good things or not. Geemo felt that most of his life was full of bad things.

    Geemo felt his rat boner get hard.


    Does Geemo...


    >Ignore the boner

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    mmQ victim of incest
    Geemo rips his own boner off of his body.
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    Mom walks in to vacuum and bends over in front of the tv WRRRRR WRRRR WRRRR she can't hear you furiously jacking off and moaning MMMMM OH YEAH DAT ASS!!!!
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    mmQ victim of incest
    Dad grabs the vacuum and puts the tube extension over his cock and laughs. "Kiiiids come loook!!!"

    The kids come in. More laughs.
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