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2020 is gonna be a good decade

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    1 week review:

    Started 2020 with my own car, which I didn't have last year. I interviewed for a job today that I'll probably get; a job I'll actually enjoy. I haven't been drunk since the 1st. I did have a tallboy this weekend, but that was it. Just 24oz of 5% beer. That's responsible drinking, nigga. I haven't even felt the urge to drink since I got so blisteringly drunk last time and just didn't feel good.

    Been eating disgusting amounts of raw kava but only once a day. Which I think is a reasonable alternative to alcohol. It's been good help and I'll probably keep taking it for a while until I get sick of it, much like I did getting off opiates with Crouton, or vaping with patches.

    Gonna force myself to develop proper drinking habits. On my first payday from this new job I'm going to go down to the local legal marijuana shop and purchase something. Probably edibles or maybe a cartridge. I have not gotten stoned since August or September so it will be nice.

    Cut things off with the last girl I was seeing from my old job. I'm gonna start actually dating again once I start this job. I've been talking to some girls for a while so now I just need to meet up and see if they're worth pursuing IRL.

    All in all I feel more positive than ever about the direction my life is headed in. Thus far in my life I've only had short term goals: "Travel here, do this thing, experience this" but now I feel I'm ready to start working towards a real life.

    It's gonna be a good decade my niggas.
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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]
    That sounds great, but your immediate goal needs to be becoming fit enough to survive when you get drafted and sent to Iran.
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    Originally posted by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country That sounds great, but your immediate goal needs to be becoming fit enough to survive when you get drafted and sent to Iran.

    I weighed myself yesterday, I'm 160lbs. I do plan to lose 5lbs though. Been eating healthier since I stopped binge drinking. For breakfast I had a chickpea/mushroom/pepper/chicken/brown rice thing. Lunch was an apple and some peanuts. Dinner was protein infused spaghetti (which was just ok) with tomato/blackbean/corn sauce thing. Then I had half a cup of ice cream. The only time I eat unhealthy is when I'm drinking really. That extra ~2,000 calories of liquor a day was probably not good.

    Tomorrow I'm going for a hike :)
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    it will gont it will
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    ah ah It's overhanging
    yeh yeh That kind of stimulation
    ah ah I want it, more
    yeh yeh I'm so tempted
    ah ah When it comes to me
    yeh yeh You get that look in your eyes
    ah ah Don't stare at me
    yeh yeh Something's off

    Aa Even the most anticipated moments
    Are dealt with easily
    It's a waste, huh?
    Aa the two of us
    spending the days taking our time, but
    I feel like it has no flavor
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