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Russians Hacked White House Via State Department, Claims Report

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    Russian hackers managed to breach White House security, accessing non-classified but sensitive information, including the president’s non-public schedule
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    Technologist motherfucker
    This story is old news. Try 5 yrs old.
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    Splam Tuskegee Airman
    Russian blablabla. No fucking evidence whatsoever. All hysteria. Always has been.
    The most reliable workforce the world has ever seen are independent American hackers. They work for no one and leak, crack and pirate what they will.
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    Originally posted by Technologist This story is old news. Try 5 yrs old.

    4 years plys.

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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]

    Pretty tasty work. No real reason to think Cozy_Bear are Russian intelligence - although they could be.

    OP, where does the assertion that they "hacked" via the State Department come from.
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    We're the Russian hackerz.
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    Fuck Your World African Astronaut
    Russia was flying their version of a B-52 type bombers over California Coastline.. just sheering in and out over the land itself.

    They're not supposed to come within 50 miles of the US coast
    20 miles is officially the point where they should of been shot down.
    US did nothing. Because "we wouldn't want an international situation"

    what does this tell Russia?

    Though of course MSM says it was 40 miles off California and Alaska. But people sailing just outside the gate of San Francisco saw them over the coastline.

    This shit would of not been tolerated under Reagan. especially Nixon years.

    lets just hand the country over to the world. close up all of our bases. Let China and Russia war over who gets to allow their bases to protect their new property. Maybe we'll pay less taxes.

    Fuck your racist wall Trump yet at the same time You don't send a clear message to the world to back the fuck off of us.

    Also, We don't police the world. Pull all the troops out and tell Iran "We had enough.. this is in now way a surrender. Keep talking shit and we'll level Terhan and it will be your fault" then arm all the young Iranians to overthrow its fucking radicalist regime

    No Religion should control any nations. especially if you hate American and the West for their "infidel lifestyle"

    lets just focus on working with the Chinese to fix the free trade issues and violations of copyright. the chinese have to learn to pay trademark and copyright royalties then stamp out as much of the knockoff shit they want.
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