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Lourdes' first album was so far ahead of it's time

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    Cheyes Tuskegee Airman
    Her first album, perfectly titled "Pure Heroin" was a 2013 album that listens like a 2019 album. Case in point, all but 2 of the songs "royals" and "team", which were instant hits, never got any airplay on the radio. Fast forward 6 years later and all the sudden I hear a bunch of lorde songs from her first album that aren't "team" and "royals" in the bars and eateries in the gentrified parts of the city.

    Her 2nd album isn't very good, so we won't worry about that. There's like 2 good songs at most so it's kind of a flop and I think she might end up being a one-and-done because she got weirder as she grew up and seems kind of cluster B/bipolar.

    Anyway I'm not sure exactly why it took so long for the rest of her album to bust out, and part of it's probably because in general people like a couple songs to listen to a lot on the radio or whatever a whole bunch of times while the rest come out slowly, but not like this. Not a 6 year latency and then boom, everything else a whole bunch.

    Pure Heroin had a lot going stylistically that really pioneered what we listen to today in 2019-2020 basically verbatim.. it's all right there and always has been. Go back and listen to it, that is a straight up soundcloud album, which is what everything today is. The beats she used are exactly what today's hiphop and increasingly pop (billie, every gen Z rapper, etc.) uses, as well as minimialism and dream style (lana, billie).
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga

    And yeah her stuff is good.
    2012 - 2014 were amazing years for music, I was huge into chillwave and cloud rap back then.
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