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Counter culture v Skyrim

  1. #1 Tuskegee Airman
    You know how there exists counter culture movements, such as hippie communes, I was wondering, are there any Skyrim communes?

    I was thinking how happy I would be to totally drop out of society and go live with a bunch of weirdos with no electricity, making our own clothes, own food, talking ye olde English style, drinking Mead we make ourselves etc.

    Kind of like Amish without the Amish.

    I went to a renaissance faire and thought I want my life to be like this, not cosplay, but this. Simple things. Not worshipping the seasons, and the stars and the moon, but giving thanks for their divine creation that allows the ecosystem to function like a perpetual motion machine.

    So like the old school witchcraft shit, medicines made from plants, psychedelics etc. Without the negative energy devil worship.

    And not that super gay renaissance fair nerdique. I want to till the soil. Have water babies. A pet wolf. A pet falcon. Every day.

    Not just one day a year dress up and pretend I'm Merlin and tell everyone how I can do it like people in the 1400s. I actually wanna live this life. Not live vicariously through game of thrones episodes and one day a year doing cosplay.

    I want this lifestyle and sense of community where we all have to help each other to survive instead of visiting Costco.
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    ergot wine
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    PR Yung Blood
    You'll get addicted to skooma anddd you know the sorcery part of Skyrim probably isn't real.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    start by burning down costco
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    Kuntzschutz African Astronaut
    I am merlin basically, it's not that great.
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    HTS highlight reel
    Originally posted by Kind of like Amish without the Amish.

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