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Rolf Harris

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    Rolf Harris was an Australian folk singer, also popular in the UK with people yearning for Aussie feels, who wrote most of his songs in the 1950's. His songs had an Australian flair to them.

    He even wrote a song about Kangaroos being used instead of reindeer by Santa because Australia is too hot for deer.

    He was an Australian cultural icon and export, and was still famous in grade schools until very recently when he was convicted of kiddy fiddling.

    Here's the thing:

    Rolf Harris knew he was representing Australia. He also knew the harm he could cause if his reputation was brought in to disrepute.

    My theory is he did the kiddy fiddling as part of a communist plot.

    As a long term communist sleeper agent, he knew that the cultural nuance of baby boomer was going to become a phrase. Think about where pop culture terms come from. Kids are at school all day and adults are at work all day. Popular slang terms and other cultural impositions come from the must come from the media.

    TV shows, movies, music, books, magazines, school textbooks.

    The people working all day and at school all day don't sit around making slang terms up for things in their half hour lunch break.

    So the media is a place of risk to the government. The government admits they have censors, and there has been censorship of political content. There is that current theme of Russian election interference.

    So yeah, our conformist individuality comes from the media. Skater, surfer, nerd, gamer, emo etc. You see something that appeals to you and you conform to it. You fit a mould that is likely government run psychological manipulation.

    However there is opposition and dissidents. These are the people who come around in times of revolution. They have the goal of counter propaganda, through infiltration of media and education systems. They are usually an "insider threat". Though not always.

    There are people who study journalism because they like the news, there are people who do it to change the world through selective reporting aka propaganda, and there are people who do it to maintain the status quo, in service to their benefactors in the government, aka, deep cover agents. Government shills working in the media.

    If you consider the government is telling us our education system and media is under attack by foreign agents, it stands to reason that they would plant long term agents inside the media to control who can say what to a million people at once.

    It stands to reason that the media, Hollywood, music industry etc is packed to the brim of people willing to spread the government message and inform on those who don't.

    Now having explained that, its time to get back to Rolf Harris.

    Rolf Harris was providing conformist Australian identity to Australian society at large at the peak of the cold war, and then until this day. He was exporting it to. There is no plausible way he was not a government agent. Impossible. School kids were doing sing a longs to his songs for generation. He was a huge part of government brainwashing. Teaching the animals how to get along and how to feel when exposed to certain stimuli, in this instance, to feel proud and included when nationalism and cultural uniqueness was presented. Good dog. More time to feel good later. We will throw a boomerang together and say g'day. And if you use chopsticks I will call you a loser and make you feel outcast. Good dog. Sit.

    So as a government agent of such importance, he would be aware of future government social influence operations. He would be aware of so many things, as his experiences and opinions would be used for feedback to government intelligence agencies in the planning of future social influence operations.

    The term baby boomer has been around since baby boomers have been around. The term was coined (by whom?) when the post war baby boom was recorded.

    Now recall the security of the government and their desire to control the media for propaganda and to prevent opposition ideas permeating society.

    Australia in the 50's had an official policy of "White Australia Policy". Officially white people only were allowed in to Australia. This policy was abandoned in 1966.

    Australia had a policy of being very close to Britain.

    So, Rolf Harris was a government shill. He was a part of the intelligence community.

    And he molested children.

    He also had a famous song. He also had future knowledge and foresight.

    Communist turncoat, aiming to destroy confidence in the closed world of government and policy? You decide. This song can be used now in conversation to make fun of the establishment. Eg,

    "Pedos run the world. Lol. Such a coincidence."

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    he wrote songs in prison about how the girls accusing him were sluts lol
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    Octavian motherfucker
    Pmsl he saw work being done on a school and walked into the playground, waving at the children the mad bastard. Apparently he was enquiring with the joiner cause he wanted work doing. Headteacher had to ask him to leave.

    "Rolf what you're a sex offender for Christ's sake you can't come here".

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