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Hey Arnold was the shit

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    MexicanMasterRace Dark Matter (banned)
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    MexicanMasterRace Dark Matter (banned)
    April, 1975. The Fall of Saigon, South Vietnam.
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    MexicanMasterRace Dark Matter (banned)
    The first thing Mai said was "Ba" which means Father. And then after, Mr. Hyunh said "Trời ơi Ba nhớ con quá" means "Oh god I miss you so much"
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    MexicanMasterRace Dark Matter (banned)
    Helga is such an unsung hero. Whenever she did something nice for Arnold, it was never her priority to tell him or rub it in his face. When she found Mai, when she wanted to save the neighborhood, when she made a video tribute to him to help him get to San Lorenzo, which is great. Arnold should like Helga for Helga, not the things she does for him, and I'm glad the show realized how important that subtle dynamic should be. Helga really does have a heart made out of gold, just like Arnold.
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