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The Doll

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    Wariat Naturally Camouflaged
    Might be a good book:

    "Just like Zeromski, Prus is concerned with the nation identity of Poland before WWI. The central character is the "tradsman," or the capitalist with a heart whose obsession to win legitimacy in the eyes of a crumbling Polish aristocracy, and the heart of a young woman raised to flirt and tease her way into marriage to uphold the integrity and property of her class. The novel is at once a comedy of manners which then shifts to more serious matters of fading entitlement and self-actualization."

    lol at women flirting their way into marriage to stay upper class. Why is this still a thing today in poland? Also, why is it considered bad or was it that when I was in prison I considered myself superior to all the other inmates due to my education and social class?
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